Did we forget anything?

Full-timing it across the country in an RV poses a few logistical and planning challenges, one of which is packing. When I travel, I tend to pack as efficiently as possible, fitting all my belongings within an airline carry-on sized bag. I’ve even done this on a 2-week trip to SE Asia. Ted has adopted this approach nicely as well.

I tried to approach packing for an extended RV trip the same way, rationalizing that I could always stop to buy stuff on the road if I realized I’d forgotten something. The other added benefit of packing light is keeping the overall RV weight down, which can impact fuel efficiency.

However, what I soon ran into is the need to dress for various types of weather, making sure I had the appropriate gear for the activities I’m hoping to enjoy (tent camping, scuba diving and snorkeling, cycling, etc.) and from a practical/cheapskate standpoint, needing to clear the pantry and cabinets in my home. That can of clam chowder that’s been sitting on my shelf for the last 6 months? Yes, I’m sure we’ll eat it at some point. Maybe.

And while I tried to take a Marie Kondo-esque approach to my packing by selecting attire I loved and gear I couldn’t do without, I know that I still have more than I should. Eh, it’s a work in progress.

Here’s a breakdown of things we brought, not all of which is pictured above:

  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Camping stove
  • One carry-on bag for clothes
  • 4 different jackets (casual, light-weight, mid-weight, heavy)
  • 5 pairs of shoes and 1 pair of flip flops, obviously 🙂
  • Assorted toiletries
  • Variety of reading materials – time to catch up on my reading!
  • Dog gear – 2 dog beds, blankets, leashes, treats and food
  • Day pack with water bladder
  • 2 bicycles
  • Camping chairs
  • Camera gear & tripod
  • Trekking poles
  • Fins, mask, snorkel, wet suit
  • Personal blender (for healthy smoothies or blended cocktails)

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