Food in New Mexico


What’s a trip without some good food? We were anxious to try some New Mexican cuisine as we heard it’s quite distinct from California Mexican and Tex-Mex due to the culinary influences of the Spanish and local Native American people. Plus, it’s just fun to get to know a place through its food and we wanted to compare and contrast for ourselves.

  • Frito pie (@ Yay Yogurt in Albuquerque) – Ok, so this one isn’t distinctly New Mexican but I’ve never had a Frito Pie and was curious about it. It’s made with Frito chips, chili, sour cream, tomatoes, shredded cheese and lettuce.

    I’m assuming the veggies were added to make it feel slightly more healthy. Works for me!
  • Sopapilla – a type of fried bread. Eaten hot out of the fryer; we tried ours with honey drizzled on top (@ Little Anita’s, a chain of restaurants in Albuquerque, recommended by locals we spoke to), and later on, we had a stuffed sopapilla variety (@ Tia Sophia’s, in Santa Fe). 🙂
    Sopapilla – warm, chewy, and delicious!

    Stuffed Sopapilla with ground beef – reminded me of an enchilada with a chewier wrapping
  • Carne Adovada (@ Little Anita’s) – pork braised in a red chile sauce. I ordered it inside my breakfast burrito. Yum! Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of it because I ate it too quickly. You’ll just have to take my word for it.
  • Green chile or red chile – this question seems to be a common debate here in New Mexico. Or, do as the locals do and order both, also  know as “Christmas”. I’m partial to the green chile myself.
    • Green chile cheese burger (@ Horseman’s Haven Cafe) – a cheese burger topped with green chile. So simple, yet so tasty! Anthony Bourdain visited a few years ago while taping Parts Unknown and was overcome by their Level 3 green chile. I opted for just the regular level chile.

      Green chile cheeseburger at Horseman’s Haven Cafe
    • Green chile cheese fries (@ Tomasita’s) – crispy french fries topped with green chile and cheese. #winning!

      One of many recommended items on Tomasita’s menu
    • Green chile soup (@ Tomasita’s) – a warm and hearty soup with green chile, posole, pinto beans, and your choice of ground beef or chicken. Very filling with just the right amount of kick.

      Green chile soup with an ever-present sopapilla

Now, before you call my doctor to report all the delicious meal choices I’ve made above, note that these items were enjoyed over the course of over a week and interspersed responsibly with a fair number of salads and lighter fare. And with that, I’m off to enjoy some dessert. 😉

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