Snapshot: Toronto

We had a few whirlwind days in Toronto earlier this month. While we were able to squeeze in some quick sightseeing, the main reason we were there was for my friend’s wedding, where I was a bridesmaid. 😍

St. Lawrence market

As far as markets go, I thought this market was so-so. If you’ve read my earlier posts you know I try to seek out markets where I can to try some local flavor. The St. Lawrence market was busy but lacked a hearty selection of prepared foods, crafts or variety, in my opinion. Instead, there were many produce vendors, butchershops and souvenir stalls. We even tried the recommended Carousel Bakery’s peameal bacon sandwich but thought it was a bit too salty. However, we did enjoy the egg tart from Churrasco of St. Clair, and other assorted baked goods.

We’d recommend eating at Kensington Market and Spadina Avenue instead. It’s a little more eclectic/bohemian/hipster, with interesting shops and eateries. Plus, it’s close to Chinatown, which was not particularly stand out as Chinatowns go, but is always worth a stop in my book if only for some dim sum or a combination bbq pork-crispy duck-crispy pork plate. 🙂


Maple syrup or stuffed moose toys, anyone?
Peameal bacon sandwich

Wandering the streets surrounding St. Lawrence market, we came upon the adorable Berczy park dog fountain. I couldn’t resist taking a photo with the little canine figures who were all gazing upwards at the prized bone atop the fountain.


Murals near Berczy Fountain

RV/Oversized vehicle parking: We stayed in two different campgrounds within the Greater Toronto Area – Indian Line in Brampton and Glen Rouge Campground. Indian Line campground was not too far from the Toronto International Airport but that was about all it had going for it. It had a generally disheveled appearance and I didn’t enjoy our stay there. Glen Rouge was loads better, with greenbelts and a stream bordering the campground. We’d recommend staying there instead.

Honorable Mention:

We camped outside of Toronto for one night at Warsaw Caves and thought they were pretty cool. Near the campground area, you can access a network of 9 or so caves that you can explore and crawl around in. Note: you’ll likely get muddy, so wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting dirty. Also bring a headlamp or flashlight.

The caves range in size and some even had a layer of ice about an inch to two inches thick on the ground! It’s a lot of fun that kids and the young at heart can enjoy. Afterwards, you can check out their nearby river for swimming or kayaking.


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